Cyrano-A Nose by any other name.by Jeff McKillip

This play is based on Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand.  This updated romantic comedy stars a small-town Sheriff with a big nose who would do anything for the woman he loves.....even if it means winning her for another man. 

This play has something for everyone-Fencing, fighting, comedy,romance, poetry and pastries.

Aboveboard by Peter Bloedel and Emily Kimbatt

When Nick's food starts disappearing from his apartment fridge, he immediately suspects his best friend Milo, a bumbling magician who lives down the hall. But Milo refuses to confess, so Nick installs a camera to catch the culprit in the act - and finds an unlikely trespasser has been secretly living in his apartment for nearly a month. When the video hits the internet, the surprises multiply in this romantic comedy about magic, misunderstanding, and running out of milk.

Gladys in Wonderland by Rosemary Frisono Toohey

87-year-old Gladys' days of munching donuts and scouring the obituaries seem numbered when Death himself comes knocking on her door one morning. Ready to whisk her off into the great unknown, her cheerful grim reaper is startled by Gladys' stubborn refusal to expire. In order to push Gladys toward the light, he ushers in a parade of obnoxious friends and relatives who nitpick and whine. He also gives her a taste of nursing home life from an inmate's point of view. Suddenly, the afterlife doesn't look so bad...

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...A laugh-out-loud kind of evening with a ring of truth around it."

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