A Comedy by Joe Simonelli


Dr. Celia Monahan - Caitlin Gale

Rose Monahan        - Andja Martynuik

Bob Crowley           - Nicholas Findlay

Tony Rumson          - Kurtis Thomas

Allison Taylor         - Andrea Johnson

Madeline                - Cassandra Fleming

Jane                       - Sandy Chirio

Loretta                   - Elizabeth Carlos

Our Crew so far:

Director                - Steve Skinner

Assistant Director - Diana Rudolph

Producer               -

Stage Manager       - 

Ass Stage Manager - 

Set Designer          - Cynthia Landriault

Ass. Designer         - 

Set Builders-

Set Painters - 

Costume and Props -

Prompter - 

Lighting/Sound -

Poster/Program Artwork -Cynthia Landriault

Publicity                  - Brett Squires

                               - Diana Rudolph

Fundraising -

Powerpoint Presentation -Doug Beatty

Front of House Manager  - Mike Ross

Assistants - 

If you would like to tackle any of the above please email us:

 at theatrewasaga@gmail.com


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    April 2017

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